NGO "Grin-List"

NGO "GRIN-LIST", Bitola, FYR Macedonia

The Association "GRIN-LIST" was established in order to contribute to the development of democratic, environmental, tourism and cultural awareness in building mutual tolerance and respect for different opinions and beliefs. To achieve its goals and objectives, the Association organize public debates, panel discussions and public hearings. Also, the association contact the media to inform the public about the content of the activities of the association.

Bodies of the association are:

  • Assembly;
  • Chairman of the Association;
  • Supervisory Authority.

The association constantly has 12-15 volunteers who contribute to the realization of the projects.

The association "GRIN-LIST" is involved in realization of many projects and cooperates with other NGO-s and with governmental associations and with individuals from the country and abroad.

The association "GRIN-LIST" has active participation in humanitarian actions, initiates processes for development of civil awareness in the field of education, culture, ecology, tourism, gender equity.

Our volunteers participate in projects with children with disabilities, who participate in theatre shows, poetry performances and different workshops, all in purpose to make their life better.

Our association cooperates with primary and secondary schools and organize educative workshops in the field of multimedia and art.

The Association GRIN-LIST has experience in organizing workshops, exhibitions, theatre shows, documentary movies as well as publication of written, audio and video recordings.

GRIN-LIST has realized projects with: The Ministry of Culture of RM, The Government of RM, The Municipality of Bitola and public institutions (theaters, libraries and schools). The Association realized the following projects:


  1. Interreg IPA II Cros- border Cooperation Programme "Grece - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020" CINECULTURE – (CN1-SO 1.3- SC005)
    Cross-border cooperation project between Macedonia and Greece (Municipality of Edessa, Municipality of Bitola, Municipal enterprise of Edessa and Association for development of ecology, tourism and cultural cooperation GRIN-LIST Bitola). The project will be implemented in 2018-2020.
  2. Advanced adult education skills – Erasmus + (2020-1-MK01-KA104- 077499)
  3. ICT Skills for Educators – ERASMUS + -(2018-1-MK01-KA104-046926)
  4. "The glow of the past - signpost to the future -CULTART-" (2020) project for protection of the cultural heritage of the Republic of North Macedonia - digitalization and video presentation supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia;
  5. European film review (2019) - NEW CULTURAL WAVE - supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia;
  6. With Bitola we grow (2017)-a project of Cultural History and categorized in books for children COBISS.MK-ID 103840778, supported by the Municipality of Bitola;
  7. "Colors of Bitola" (2015) - Documentary video postcard which presents the cultural heritage of Bitola at different atmospheres.
  8. "Christmas story about Santa Claus" (2014/2015) - an interactive children's play to popularize books and reading;
  9. "The Sound of Waves" (2014) - DVD presentation designed to familiarize people with impaired hearing and vision with the potentials offered by modern publishing; Here is explained the way how people with hearing and seeing disabilities digitally search and use books from the library fund. The project was realized in cooperation with the National University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski "-Bitola;
  10. "Macedonian natural heritage-documentary video postcard" (2014) -DVD presentation of tourism and Eco-sites of Macedonia supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia;
  11. "Bitola-city scene" (2014) – a documentary film in which are presented all existing and potential scenes for the performing arts in Bitola;
  12. "Christmas Magic chase" (2014) -an interactive children's theater play designed to develop imagination and creation of children;
  • "Bit-fest-the cultural reflection of time" (2013)-Documentary about the development of Bitola Cultural Summer Festival (Bit-fest) in the period 2006-2013 which covers the most important events and present events as an important segment in the development of culture in Bitola;
  • "Macedonia on the palm" (2012-2013)-DVD presentation of Eco-tourism sites in Macedonia. (Project for digitalization of protected ecosystems in Macedonia with the point on their touristic and cultural importance). The aim and the tendency of this project is to visually represent all existing facilities for tourism and Eco-tourism in the Republic of Macedonia, in the form of DVD - postcard. Following the project brings all documents and Eco-tourism sites in the Republic of Macedonia in order to promote them internationally. The project was funded by General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • "Macedonian Natural Heritage" (2012) - documentary video postcard, display and archiving of sites protected by law in Macedonia supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • "Prespa - touch with the nature" (2011)-an exhibition of digital photographs depicting nature reserves in the region of Prespa;
  • "Give me a hand" (2011)- Humanitarian campaign with TV spots about overcome racial, ethnic and gender barriers and differences.

GRIN-LIST has complete equipment: camera, editing, graphics processing, equipment for producing the visual nature of projects and their coverage.

The association have participated as a partner in many IPA and IPARD projects.

The association actively follows all innovations in the educative system in R. Macedonia like: the project for enhancing the lifelong learning and the project for modernization of the education prepared by Ministry of Education and Science of RM and EPALE programme from European Commission


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