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  • "Markovi Kuli" - Prilep is a geoarchaeological site, a monument of nature and a monument of culture. It is located near the city of Prilep to the northwest at an altitude of 921 m to 1422 m.
  • The oldest living artifacts date from the III-II century BC and is associated with the Roman-Macedonian wars.
  • The settlement "Keramia" has been discovered since antiquity, and an early Christian basilica originates from the Roman period.
  • The fortress is first mentioned in the short history of Jovan Skilica in the early 11th century.
  • The most important architectural work are the walls up to XIII-XIV c. among which is the palace of King Volkashin and King Marko.
  • The walls are about one meter wide, built of weaker lime mortar and rely on large limestone rocks.
  • The fortress has several towers, and several cisterns through which the city was supplied with drinking water are impressive.
  • In the western part there are tombs cut into the rock, and the jewelry found in them dates from the XIV century.
  • They were bought by the Skopje antiquarian Chelekijan in 1936 and are kept in the National Museum in Belgrade. They are considered to have belonged to a very prominent family, and possibly to Mrnjavchevci.
  • After the death of King Marko in 1395, this settlement was occupied by the Ottomans and shortly after that life in it ended, and the inhabitants moved to the lower strata, which creates the present settlement Varosh.
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