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  • Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa is located 7 km. northwest of Strumica at an altitude of 336m.
  • In 1080 the monk, and then the Bishop of Strumica Manuel built a monastery dedicating it to the Mother of God.
  • Original historical data confirming this can be found in the Tipik written by him personally in the period 1085 1106. This is one of the oldest known types in the history of Orthodox monasticism which testifies to the thousand-year monastic tradition in Macedonia.
  • This church is important for its architecture, fresco painting, mosaic floor and marble canopy.
  • Architecturally the church of St. Bogordica Eleusa in Veljusa is a cruciform tetraconch dome structure of narrow type. There are three basic parts, a nave with an altar, a narthex and a chapel (St. Spas).
  • The frescoed facade of the church is decorated with a fresco, in its upper central part there is a small richly profiled rosette with a toothed wreath, and below between the bifora is a luxurious two-member braid with an ornamented cross-shaped ornament. This symbol is unique in its appearance in our area and is generally accepted internationally
  • The frescoes feature frescoes from three different periods (XI, XII and XIX century). The first dates from the time of the erection of the church.
  • The only fully preserved composition from the time of the construction of the church is the fresco "Descent into Hell" in which a detail with two devils is presented, which is very rare in our country.
  • The rarest is the fresco of Jesus Emanuel (Jesus as a child at the age of 12) shown in the south dome.
  • The frescoes with the figures of the saints Onuphrius and Panfnutius are also interesting, which are stylistically close to the frescoes in Nerezi (1164).
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