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  • The religious complex Sharena Dzamija is located on the right bank of the river Pena in the city of Tetovo.
  • In science there are different dates of the construction of the mosque. According to some it was built in 1495, and according to others it was built in 1564 by the sisters Hurshide and Mensure.
  • From the inscription on the front door we learn that the current shape of the mosque is shaped on the foundations of an older building.
  • Its first name was Alaja mosque (basma, colorful cotton), and in 1833 it was named Pasha mosque after Abdurrahman Pasha, who was a feudal lord in Tetovo and invested funds in its construction.
  • It is assumed that the masterpiece was created by the Mijak tribes who built and painted.
  • Next to the mosque in the complex there is a turbe and a fountain, and the whole complex is surrounded by a wall with openings (mukabi) and covered with tiles. The Painted Mosque is basically square. The prayer hall is of appropriate size, covered with a dome, and is illuminated with thirty windows.
  • The decoration of the interior and the exterior walls reflect a series of geometric and floral motifs as well as recognizable city motifs from Istanbul. The Seko technique was used to decorate the exterior.
  • The presentation of Mecca, which is a rare example of the presentation of this sanctuary in the area of Southeast Europe, attracts special attention from the art performances.
  • North and south of the entrance there is an auxiliary mihrab, the minaret is six-sided and located on the south side of the mosque, while to the northwest is the open type tomb with harmonious parameters, which is placed over two tombs from the XVI century.
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