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  • "Archaeo-astronomical site - Kokino" is located about 35 km northeast of Kumanovo on the peak "Taticev Kamen" at an altitude of 1030m.
  • Remains of material culture from the Bronze Age have been found and there are traces of a settlement from the Iron Age. About 100 ritual pits were found on the site, formed around natural cracks in the walls that were filled with artifacts and which probably had some magical and religious significance for the people of that time.
  • In prehistoric times, ancient rituals took place here and the movement of the Sun and Moon was followed by measuring time and paying homage to the greatest deity on whose energy their life depended.
  • It is a megalithic observatory dating back to 1800 BC. with archaeological and astronomical values. Volcanic rock crevices have been used as markers to track the cycles of the sun and moon to measure time.
  • Probably certain members of the tribal community had the task to follow the movements of the celestial bodies on a daily basis by compiling calendars to determine the days for ritual ceremonies related to seasonal work in agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • One of the rituals for which archeological traces have been established was associated with the cult of fertility, perceiving the mountain top as the body of the Great Goddess Mother, and the incisions in the rocks as openings in her womb. The second ritual, which must have been performed on the mountain, had a very solar character. Thrones are made on the lower platform in such a way that the person sitting on them is facing east, and in the middle of summer, the Sun rises right in the opening of the stone marker. The sunbeam on the ritual day falls exactly on the second throne illuminating the person sitting on it (probably the tribal elder) so that he received legitimacy and authority directly from the divine sun.
  • It consists of lower, western and higher, eastern platform (A and B), with a height difference of about 19 m. Among them, as well as the western and northern astronomical platform (C and D). Platforms A and B were used for ritual activities while other platforms were used for surveillance.
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