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  • The stone dolls or "Kuklica" is a geological site located near the village Kuklica, Kratovo on the right side of Kriva Reka at an altitude of 415 meters.
  • The rock geomorphological forms are spread on an area of 300 square meters and was created from a volcanic mass in the period between the Eocene and Pliocene. These erosive forms are 10 million years old. There are 148 stone figures around the untried couple, and the people recognized each of them as one of the wedding guests.
  • Once upon a time in the village of Kuklica lived a master mason who on the same day scheduled a wedding for two girls. The girl from the lower neighborhood was rich but not beautiful, while the other girl from the upper neighborhood was poor but very beautiful. On the wedding day, the master decided to marry the rich girl. When the other girl heard drums and bagpipes, she decided to go downstairs and check what was going on. Seeing that she had been deceived, the girl cursed the bride and groom to be petrified.
  • The villagers call the place "Merry Wedding" or "Stone Wedding" because the wedding guests remained smiling, and the newlyweds froze in a gentle embrace. Because of these petrified "dolls", the place got its name – Puppet (Kuklica).
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